Take Advantage of Golf Away Promotions

If you are into the sport of golf, then you should look into the array of Coastal Golf Away Promotions. This will allow you to pick out the perfect one as a gift or for yourself. After all, why not focus on something fun and healthy that is enjoyable to all?  If you need to get in optimal golf fitness see http://www.peakgolffitness.com/

Working day in and day out can become quite monotonous, and it is so easy to get burnt out on the daily grind. From the early morning alarm clock to falling into bed at the end of the day and the exhausting moments in between, life in the modern world can drain you mentally and physically. That is why it is so important that you recharge on a regular basis.

The fact is that by getting away for several days as often as you can, you will become more relaxed and more productive. Why not spend one of those upcoming breaks taking advantage of Coastal Golf Away Promotions? You can immerse yourself in luxurious style, play a few rounds of golf and enjoy some fine dining while getting a break from the daily grind.

Fortunately for you, there are several different types of promotions that you can use to get yourself an affordable and fun vacation. The choices you will have though will depend on several factors.

For instance, you will be limited by the time of year because they might already be reserved if you wait until the last minute. The fact is that people need a break, just like you. If they hit the reservation button first, you might have to wait to receive the same promotion or a similar one.

If there are particular things that you want or need in your package, you will naturally be limited to the ones that meet those criteria. Try not to back yourself into a corner by being overbearing in your requirements for a promo package for your golf getaway. After all, the point is to enjoy yourself, not get caught up in mundane details that thwart your efforts to relax.

Make sure that you account for everything before you leave home so that you can thoroughly enjoy your promotional getaway package. You certainly don’t want to be worried the whole time about whether or not you shut off the stove or locked the door.

This also includes things such as stopping your paper, mail and news products from being delivered to your home. Perhaps you could create a checklist that would allow you to mark each important item, so you do not fall into that last minute panic and then waste precious vacation time worrying about these small but important things.

You can enjoy your golf vacation and come back from it with a whole new feeling of being refreshed and invigorated; in Peak Golf Fitness. Remember to take advantage of getaways whenever you can so that you can keep your mind and body sharp and fresh all the time.

Execute Correct Golf Swing Sequence

If you’re trying to improve your golf game, then the first thing to look at is whether you are executing the correct golf swing sequence. This may sound like an overly simplistic advice, but many professional golfers have found success by simply following the right sequence in their swings. Indeed, not following this sequence usually, results in your ball flying aimlessly. Keep reading to learn more about the precise swing sequence and what you can do during your practice sessions. You probably know that a golf swing follows a certain sequence. The first step is addressing the ball. This is followed by gripping the club. You must then perform a back swing to generate enough power. The follow through marks the final step. All this may sound too obvious even for a beginner golfer, yet this sequence can prove to be a difference maker.

Golf Sequence

Many golfers have become so accustomed to their own swing sequence. If you fall under this group, you may not readily realize the fact that the incorrect sequence hurts your game. It’s a good idea to get back to the basics and take the necessary steps to improve your golf swing on the ProZone website. This begins with how to properly address the ball, something far too many take for granted.

Letting your body dictate your distance from the ball as well as your stance is a crucial mistake. The right way is to let the ball serve as your guide. If you’ve been playing golf for some time now, then you probably know the difference in your stance when swinging with an iron and a driver. This difference is due to the distance of the golf shaft. Instead of using your body, let the ball and club determine how far you should position yourself from the ball.

The easiest way to tell whether you’re incorrectly addressing the ball is when it feels uncomfortable to perform a swing. In most cases, this means you are too close to the ball. You also don’t want to stretch your body just to execute your swing.

One tip is to let your club lie adjacent to the golf ball and then step back and forth until you determine the distance most comfortable for you.

The next step is properly gripping the club. The key is to relax your hands. Never squeeze the club as this would diminish your control. There are golf grip aids available on the market to help you improve this aspect of your game.

When it comes to your back swing, make it a point that the power comes from your shoulders. Using your arms usually, leads to disastrous results. You want to form a semi-circle while making sure you stay on your plane.

You also want to follow through completely. Learning proper wrist cock can also make a huge impact on your swing. It must be done right before the club makes contact with the golf ball.

These are just some tips to help you master the golf swing sequence. Do not hesitate to fall back to the basics as this can help you become a much better golfer. Be consistent in your practice sessions and consider using golf swing trainers to enhance your game further.

4 Ways to Beat the Long Hitter

1. Hit it directly

Nothing gets inside a long ballers head quicker than a fairway hitting opponent. Chances are the long baller is not the most exact driver of the golf ball, keep the heat on by hitting the fairway as much as possible. In case you must use a hybrid club or an iron off the tee to keep the ball in the fairway, or hitting the fairway, the mental border outweighs the loss of distance.

2. Hit the green

Most of the time you may keep the heat on by hitting the green. If he understands you’re taking a look at birdie putts all day, it begins to wear on him.

3. Have a great short game

The short game is the real equalizer on the golf course. You can compete against any golfer in the world if you have a sharp short game.

4. Ignore his distance

Accept the fact the he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you. You will have another mental advantage, should you accept the fact that distance doesn’t matter. What difference does it make if he is hitting a pitching wedge and you’re hitting a 7 iron on your second shot? Golf is about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest amount of strokes.

If you are playing a match against a long hitter, and let’s face it, together with the technology in golf balls, golf clubs, strength training and nutrition, guys are hitting the ball 300 plus yards on a regular basis. The fact, however, remains that when you’re on the golf course, you’re walking (or riding) with a bag of tools. It’s just an issue of utilizing the best tool for the job at hand. Does it matter? Whether it’s a 6, 7, 8 or 9 iron should not matter to you, and your adversaries golf club choice should be the last thing on your mind during a match.

The pride of the long-ballers match is hitting it so should you decide to look at it like that, without having to hit the 300-yard drives, the fact that you could compete with him is an advantage for your benefit. As a baller that is short, you should focus on keeping the pressure on as much as possible. The four measures that I’ve outlined will give you the mental edge that you need to negate the long drives that your adversary is blasting past you. Find more golf tips and tricks on our blog here.

Golf Swing Aids | Worth the Effort?

Swing plane training aids have a poor reputation with most amateur golfers.

The result is that a number of them ended up making purchases without first focusing on the particular weaknesses in their own game that they want to correct. Others purchased swing plane training aids without the advantage of expert advice. Swing plane training aids are key to perfecting your stroke, providing you have proper education on the training aid.

Newest Is Not Always Best

Confused kid

Many times the approach has been to get hold of the very latest swing plane training aid on the marketplace. Instead of trying to focus on private physical limitations and finding the most effective training aid on the market to help one do that.

Whatever place the swing plane training aid has in the eyes of most golfers, the truth of the situation is the fact that when approached properly, they work and can have a significant impact on your golf game.

Improvement Takes Time and Practice


The right approach to a swing plane training aid begins with you not seeking an overnight resolution. Do not look for a quick fix. You must work on yourself, as well as using a swing plane training aid. You need to focus on particular exercises and golf-conditioning plans that may improve on your physical limitations hampering your golf match.

Once you locate the specific golf swing trainer that will best help you attain your goal, your likelihood of succeeding, radically improves.

Train Your Body First

Even if somebody proposes a swing plane training aid that will assure you it will remove a specific weakness evident in your game of golf; before buying it focus on the particular muscles within your body that must be conditioned to eliminate or reduce on the problem. After that, you can see if the swing plane training aid can help you reach your target goal.

Before making your final decision, don’t be scared to request expert advice on swing plane training aids. It pays to do so.

Robot Hole in One

A robot was able to land a whole in one this week! The feat has been all over the news and made all sorts of headlines. Here is a quick video of the feat:

This reminds me of some other great moments at the PGA Tour. Those folks were helpful enough to create a few videos that cover some of the most impressive shots people have made over the last few years. Here is my favorite:

And if you are looking for some non-major action they even has it covered here:

All these talented golfers just make we want to get back out there and get even better. Be sure to check back with us for more information on how to get this good.

The Proper Golf Grip

Much has been written about how to grip correctly a golf club, but very little has been talked about holding the golf club in a natural and comfortable way for the individual.

One of my philosophies is that golf has to be played naturally; by this, I mean that your golf swing, golf grip and posture have to be suited to you.

To Each Their Own

The above video shows one individuals preferance but I have found that there are three main ways to take hold of a golf club; Baseball Grip (All ten fingers and thumbs are in contact with the grip of the golf club) This is a great way for ladies and juniors to hold the club as it can create more “whip” through the impact area. Interlocking grip (The index finger of the target hand and the little finger of the non-target hand are interlinked.) This grip is considered the most comfortable and best suited to larger hands. Vardon / Overlap grip (The little finger of the non-target hand “piggybacks” on the index finger of the target hand). This is more suited to those with smaller hands or those who want to gain more control over the golf ball. Which of these is correct for you?

The answer, in my opinion, is the most comfortable. If you feel that you hands fit onto the club more quickly with one of the above, then that is the grip for you. There are thousands of articles that suggest that the “V” created by the thumb and index finger of your non-target hand should point towards your non-target shoulder. Also, you should only be able to see 2 or 3 knuckles on your target hand, but this is always vague, it leads to the pupil being able to interpret the position of the hands on the club.

The Four Keys To The Perfect Grip

For me there are four keys to achieving the perfect golf grip:

  • KEY 1 – The grip should be comfortable for the individual (Baseball/Interlock/Vardon)
  • KEY 2 – The middle of the fatty part of the target hand (as you look down) should be correctly aligned with the outside of the destination elbow right up to the target shoulder. This will ensure two things, one the target hand grip is natural for you and secondly the target arm remains naturally straight and relaxed, aiding you throughout the swing.
  • KEY 3 – The lifeline on the palm of your non-target hand will fit/sit correctly on top of the thumb of your target hand. (That’s why God put it there!!)
  • KEY 4 – Grip pressure – You should hold the golf club lightly, this will again aid you throughout your swing as the grip pressure builds into impact. If you start with a very tight grip, you will deliver the club to the ball with less power as your grip strength weakens throughout the swing.The quickest way to check whether your grip is more or less correct for you, you need to verify the way that your hands naturally hang, this is a great indication as to how you want to position the hands on the golf club. Stand up straight with your hands by your side, take your posture position and allow your arms to hang underneath your shoulders, if you hand hangs inward, towards your body you will want to hold the club in a similar manner, if they hang towards each other, again replicate a similar position.

Remember that your grip is the only contact with the club so you should feel comfortable. If you want more golf tips, check out the rest of our golf blog.

Short Game vs Long

How is it that golfers can go to the range and belt out ball after ball, and bucket after bucket of balls yet won’t work on putts or chip shots.

Do Not Ignore The Short Game

Working on your put

I’ll drill this into your head until you scream, work on your short game as much as your long game! Working on your golf game equally in both areas is like lifting —-weights – if you work on one area of your body more than another – you will always have imbalances, and that part of your body will never come up to the level of where it should be.

Golf game symmetry: The same holds true for your golf game dough-boys, about working on each aspect of your game to fine tune it and each part of it become more effective and you get a streamlined effect as well. It’s so easy to practice those blast-off drives, but try the control shots like your putts, chip and wedge shots and you’ll see where your game is lacking.

A Well Rounded Player is a Good Player

Putting the ball into the hole

Like I keep harping on, work at the short game equally as your long game. One way to do this is to take a half hour, and for 10 minutes practice tee-off shots, then for another 10 do some putting – and for the last 10 minutes practice your chip and wedge shots which will be harder to practice at since most golf courses that I know of don’t have practice areas for this type of practice. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Now you can improvise regarding doing your chip shots by using your backyard, but you’ll ruin your lawn in the process. But if you’re a golf club member use the services of the Golf club pro, and get him or her to teach you some basic chip and wedge shots. Now back to equalizing your time between driving, putts and chips. Now it may seem like you’re spending more time on your short game, but you are splitting your time, so one area isn’t so out of whack with the others that your game doesn’t get any better despite constant practice.

Practice Practice Practice


A half hour may not seem like a lot of time practicing or 10 minutes per area for that matter. But if you’re focusing and concentrating on each part of your game – you’ll get more out of it and not be so apt to give up or quit. That’s how Bodybuilders workout – short intense concentrated and focus on each rep, set and workout for 30 to 40 minutes.

Most amateur golfers, and some pros – if they practice for hours a day get disgusted by the lack of progress and don’t necessarily quit, but just go through the motions, and end up not regularly practicing on areas that are lacking, and end up adding strokes to their overall round average.

Constant shooting drills for your long and short game, for short bursts of concentrated practice, making sure you work equally on all parts will take your game a long way Golf-Rats. Let us know what else you would like to read

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Stories

The casual golfer hits the golf ball having a club head speed of about 85 mph. It usually requires a lot of a long time of practice for being able to technique the velocity of a skilled golfer. The prolonged driving contest participants demo a distinct hitting the golf ball.

Know Your Own Strength

Most pro golfers hit the ball working with a velocity that is certainly roughly 80% of what they can be capable of. Why do you ask? The cause is it is just too much power consumed to attempt and hit a golf ball. Just check out baseball players through the household run derby contest. They are swinging for the fence on each and every swing, and these are exhausted after they get via through the derby.

Visualize The Movement

Golf swing in motion

Just visualize a quarterback wanting to throw the very long golf ball on just about every lower, how lengthy do you think his arm would survive. Or how about a hockey participant wanting to rate every time he came down the ice seeking to exceed 100 mph on every shot. The only exception would be the pro tennis player that hits his serve at 130 to 145 mph each and every and just about every time or maybe just about every time they return a shot. They set just about everything they’ve into every single and just about every shot.

We as amateurs try to hit the golf ball with all of our may well but as well seldom do we even tactic the pace needed to hit a golf ball near to 300 yards. We use muscle tissue that we hardly utilize before we started golfing. So these muscle groups will not be educated to achieve the amount we have to have for high-velocity hitting. Consequently, we fall short and hit the golf ball at slower rate.

I understand when I used to be enjoying nearly five situations a week all summertime I used being in a position to swing the golf club at through 116+ mph using the driver. Which is why I employed to be in a position to hit the golf ball shot to 300 yards. Also, I obtained some strengths utilizing a club that had a small head and also a shaft that responded adequately to the force exerted by my swing.

The Size of the Head Matters

Now we are making use of clubs that have massive heads on them and these are slowed from the relatively valid measurement. They may be attempting for making them as aerodynamic as you possibly can to have them to slice as a result of the air but for the older individuals, it is tough to produce the speed essential. The finish consequence is a slower golf swing.

So, for every golf swing you chose no matter whether it truly is the generate or an iron or even a steel golf club, we hit the golf ball in accordance with our swing speed. In case you swing at 85 to 95 mph you can hit the ball very much shorter than if you swung the club at 110 mph.

Make Use of the Tips and Practice

Measured swing motions

Great luck with your golf swing and bear in mind in the event you just cannot create that sort of golf swing velocity then drop down to a lower numbered membership that travels farther. If you maintain ending up shorter then that you are not hitting the ball as well as you could. I hope these help you get the most out of your swing. Click here for more information.

Golf Downswing Tricks To Achieve A Better Swing

Golf Instructions Tips To Improve Your Golf game

If you are looking information about Golf Downswing, then you should check out this one.

The golf downswing is a fancy movement to learn. Listed below are some suggestions that can assist you excellent the downswing and play better golf.

Where to Start

The intention of the golf downswing is to return the clubface square to the ball with as a lot of energy as possible. You need to preserve good tempo and rhythm. Your lower physique becomes the trigger on your downswing. Your weight has shifted to your right hip by the highest of the backswing, and you have to be in a relaxed position.

Should you raise your left heel in the course of the backswing, place it back firmly on the bottom at first of the downswing and maintain both feet on this place all through influence with the ball. They’re the inspiration of a natural, steady swing. This may start the burden shift again to the left side. The left hip now begins the downswing, pulling the hands, arms and membership right down to the midpoint position.

It will drop the club on a path slightly inside that of your backswing. Any sudden move at this stage will cause problems. Your left arm is a powerful lever which can pull the membership head back to the ball with energy and accuracy. It ought to be comfortably straight and shouldn’t buckle under pressure.

Pay Attention to the Details

As you swing down, the velocity of the downswing will get progressively sooner till the wrists begin to uncock, delivering the membership head to the ball at tremendous speed.

There’s a weight transfer from right to left through the golf downswing. At influence, a little bit more than half of your weight ought to be on the inside of your left foot. Your head should keep nonetheless till you may have struck the ball.

You feel the downswing together with your feet. The hip and leg actions must be right, or you will lose smoothness.

If on the golf downswing, your lower body would not rotate appropriately, your palms, wrists and arms shape the swing path. This implies the membership head moves exterior the ball-to-goal line at first of the downswing before being pulled across your physique from out to in. This leads to the membership face not being square at influence and you slice the ball.

The Correct Ending Positions

At the end of your swing, your right shoulder shall be closer to the hole than your left, and your hips will be at 90 degrees to the ball to target line, solely the toe of your right foot can be on the ground.

Preserve your stability throughout; if you lose it, you are attempting too hard. Control your weight switch smoothly and create controlled power. Also management the pace of the swing. Find more useful tips and tricks over here

Looking for a Free Golf Swing Lesson?


A free golf swing lesson seems a little too good to be true. But there are actually a lot of websites available to free videos that help you improve your swing. Golf is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages to experience. Children, beginning at three years of age, as well as older adults play. Some golfer’s shoot well into their 80‘s.

What Equipment You Use Matters

The clubs have the right clubs can lead to a big improvement in your game. If you play with a club that is too small or too large, it will be difficult for you right angle on the ball get be. So the first step towards a golf-star sport you want to buy some clubs to fit you. You need to buy a number of PGA professional clubs or even some expensive name brand. Look for a set of decent quality clubs to get started.

The swings golfers are constantly struggling to improve their swing. But it is hard to see what needs improving while you are swinging Golf Club. Your swing and your attitude to tape is a good way to take a look on your golf swing plane.

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

You may have a friend band do a few different types of shots. Then can return later and see yourself and your swing. Usually, be to clear areas that can improve to see. Not swinging fully or perhaps you look before you have made contact with the ball. The video camera is a great learning tool for the beginning of golfer than also advanced golfers.

Golf Swing in motion

After you’ve watched your golf video, you can view comparison some swing videos online for free. In the look at the professional golf swings, note probably more areas who want to improve. The experts observe their clubs swing that is a good way to see how you should do it.

You can write the areas where you feel; you can improve your golf swing. Then on the well-known areas you work the next few days go golfing. If you feel like you have customized on the areas you wanted to fix, then removing the video camera again.

Record Yourself

If your video is, this time, band, make sure you and get all look all varieties of swings, so that you see your ride can, chipping and putting. You can surprise for the first time to watch the video because you see many areas requiring improvement.

Don’t let that down. Improve your golf game, is an ongoing process which requires a lifetime of commitment. As you can see above she goes through the motions multiple times to make sure she has it down pat. No one is a professional after an afternoon watching video or even a year trying to improve your game. Practice is key. Golf is just one of these sports, which takes much time to develop your game. So enjoy themselves and play golf every time if you play will be working on a better game.