Short Game vs Long

How is it that golfers can go to the range and belt out ball after ball, and bucket after bucket of balls yet won’t work on putts or chip shots.

Do Not Ignore The Short Game

Working on your put

I’ll drill this into your head until you scream, work on your short game as much as your long game! Working on your golf game equally in both areas is like lifting —-weights – if you work on one area of your body more than another – you will always have imbalances, and that part of your body will never come up to the level of where it should be.

Golf game symmetry: The same holds true for your golf game dough-boys, about working on each aspect of your game to fine tune it and each part of it become more effective and you get a streamlined effect as well. It’s so easy to practice those blast-off drives, but try the control shots like your putts, chip and wedge shots and you’ll see where your game is lacking.

A Well Rounded Player is a Good Player

Putting the ball into the hole

Like I keep harping on, work at the short game equally as your long game. One way to do this is to take a half hour, and for 10 minutes practice tee-off shots, then for another 10 do some putting – and for the last 10 minutes practice your chip and wedge shots which will be harder to practice at since most golf courses that I know of don’t have practice areas for this type of practice. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Now you can improvise regarding doing your chip shots by using your backyard, but you’ll ruin your lawn in the process. But if you’re a golf club member use the services of the Golf club pro, and get him or her to teach you some basic chip and wedge shots. Now back to equalizing your time between driving, putts and chips. Now it may seem like you’re spending more time on your short game, but you are splitting your time, so one area isn’t so out of whack with the others that your game doesn’t get any better despite constant practice.

Practice Practice Practice


A half hour may not seem like a lot of time practicing or 10 minutes per area for that matter. But if you’re focusing and concentrating on each part of your game – you’ll get more out of it and not be so apt to give up or quit. That’s how Bodybuilders workout – short intense concentrated and focus on each rep, set and workout for 30 to 40 minutes.

Most amateur golfers, and some pros – if they practice for hours a day get disgusted by the lack of progress and don’t necessarily quit, but just go through the motions, and end up not regularly practicing on areas that are lacking, and end up adding strokes to their overall round average.

Constant shooting drills for your long and short game, for short bursts of concentrated practice, making sure you work equally on all parts will take your game a long way Golf-Rats. Let us know what else you would like to read