Execute Correct Golf Swing Sequence

If you’re trying to improve your golf game, then the first thing to look at is whether you are executing the correct golf swing sequence. This may sound like an overly simplistic advice, but many professional golfers have found success by simply following the right sequence in their swings. Indeed, not following this sequence usually, results in your ball flying aimlessly. Keep reading to learn more about the precise swing sequence and what you can do during your practice sessions. You probably know that a golf swing follows a certain sequence. The first step is addressing the ball. This is followed by gripping the club. You must then perform a back swing to generate enough power. The follow through marks the final step. All this may sound too obvious even for a beginner golfer, yet this sequence can prove to be a difference maker.

Golf Sequence

Many golfers have become so accustomed to their own swing sequence. If you fall under this group, you may not readily realize the fact that the incorrect sequence hurts your game. It’s a good idea to get back to the basics and take the necessary steps to improve your golf swing on the ProZone website. This begins with how to properly address the ball, something far too many take for granted.

Letting your body dictate your distance from the ball as well as your stance is a crucial mistake. The right way is to let the ball serve as your guide. If you’ve been playing golf for some time now, then you probably know the difference in your stance when swinging with an iron and a driver. This difference is due to the distance of the golf shaft. Instead of using your body, let the ball and club determine how far you should position yourself from the ball.

The easiest way to tell whether you’re incorrectly addressing the ball is when it feels uncomfortable to perform a swing. In most cases, this means you are too close to the ball. You also don’t want to stretch your body just to execute your swing.

One tip is to let your club lie adjacent to the golf ball and then step back and forth until you determine the distance most comfortable for you.

The next step is properly gripping the club. The key is to relax your hands. Never squeeze the club as this would diminish your control. There are golf grip aids available on the market to help you improve this aspect of your game.

When it comes to your back swing, make it a point that the power comes from your shoulders. Using your arms usually, leads to disastrous results. You want to form a semi-circle while making sure you stay on your plane.

You also want to follow through completely. Learning proper wrist cock can also make a huge impact on your swing. It must be done right before the club makes contact with the golf ball.

These are just some tips to help you master the golf swing sequence. Do not hesitate to fall back to the basics as this can help you become a much better golfer. Be consistent in your practice sessions and consider using golf swing trainers to enhance your game further.