The Proper Golf Grip

Much has been written about how to grip correctly a golf club, but very little has been talked about holding the golf club in a natural and comfortable way for the individual.

One of my philosophies is that golf has to be played naturally; by this, I mean that your golf swing, golf grip and posture have to be suited to you.

To Each Their Own

The above video shows one individuals preferance but I have found that there are three main ways to take hold of a golf club; Baseball Grip (All ten fingers and thumbs are in contact with the grip of the golf club) This is a great way for ladies and juniors to hold the club as it can create more “whip” through the impact area. Interlocking grip (The index finger of the target hand and the little finger of the non-target hand are interlinked.) This grip is considered the most comfortable and best suited to larger hands. Vardon / Overlap grip (The little finger of the non-target hand “piggybacks” on the index finger of the target hand). This is more suited to those with smaller hands or those who want to gain more control over the golf ball. Which of these is correct for you?

The answer, in my opinion, is the most comfortable. If you feel that you hands fit onto the club more quickly with one of the above, then that is the grip for you. There are thousands of articles that suggest that the “V” created by the thumb and index finger of your non-target hand should point towards your non-target shoulder. Also, you should only be able to see 2 or 3 knuckles on your target hand, but this is always vague, it leads to the pupil being able to interpret the position of the hands on the club.

The Four Keys To The Perfect Grip

For me there are four keys to achieving the perfect golf grip:

  • KEY 1 – The grip should be comfortable for the individual (Baseball/Interlock/Vardon)
  • KEY 2 – The middle of the fatty part of the target hand (as you look down) should be correctly aligned with the outside of the destination elbow right up to the target shoulder. This will ensure two things, one the target hand grip is natural for you and secondly the target arm remains naturally straight and relaxed, aiding you throughout the swing.
  • KEY 3 – The lifeline on the palm of your non-target hand will fit/sit correctly on top of the thumb of your target hand. (That’s why God put it there!!)
  • KEY 4 – Grip pressure – You should hold the golf club lightly, this will again aid you throughout your swing as the grip pressure builds into impact. If you start with a very tight grip, you will deliver the club to the ball with less power as your grip strength weakens throughout the swing.The quickest way to check whether your grip is more or less correct for you, you need to verify the way that your hands naturally hang, this is a great indication as to how you want to position the hands on the golf club. Stand up straight with your hands by your side, take your posture position and allow your arms to hang underneath your shoulders, if you hand hangs inward, towards your body you will want to hold the club in a similar manner, if they hang towards each other, again replicate a similar position.

Remember that your grip is the only contact with the club so you should feel comfortable. If you want more golf tips, check out the rest of our golf blog.